Marriage Counselor & Therapist CV Template


Marriage Counselors or Therapists help couples in resolving their domestic relationship problems with the objective of protecting the children by preserving the marital bond between parents. Using psychiatric solutions and mediation techniques, they are often consulted when one or both couples are on the brink of dissolving the union while maintaining some hope to repair or save it.

Sample Marriage Counselor/Therapist CV Template


Jeanne G. Peters

Lodge St., Lancaster, UK

Phone: 01523-366810


To be a full time marriage counselor in a non-governmental agency engaged in counseling services.

Professional Experience

2000 – Present:  Freelance Marriage Counselor

  • Conduct regular sessions with couples either at home or the counselor’s office.
  • Attempt to trace familial problems to their underlying causes by understanding and evaluating family structures, relationships within and outside the family, family dynamics and individual beliefs and concerns.
  • Confer with psychiatrists and refer couples to them when necessary
  • If sexual dysfunctions or infertility concerns of either partner arise as the root cause of a marriage problem, refer couples to appropriate medical practitioners or sex therapists as required.
  • Document all counseling sessions and maintain database for future reference to aid in the solution of future cases.
  • Keep abreast with social developments.
  • Confer with social workers and police when substance abuse or domestic violence arises to protect the children.


  • High level of psychological analytical skills and patience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



75% batting average in saving marriages, helping couples to avert divorces and maintaining healthy family relationships


1997 – 2000:  MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of Plymouth, Devon

1994 – 1997: BS Psychology, Thames Valley University, Berkshire


Can be provided upon request