Academic CV Template

The academic resume is traditionally used within the academic setting. But nowadays it can be used for scholarship and job applications too. Academic CV templates are used when applying for graduate programs, for grants or research requests to prove that one meets the requirements. Academic CV templates are usually longer than regular curriculum vitae and lists in detail achievements made in the academic world by the applicant. Tailor-make your academic resume to fit your targeted audience.

Example of Academic CV Template

John Berry

Oxford Court

HP 25 7KW

Great Britain


2006-2008: B.A in Community Studies, University of California

2002:  Graduated Long View High School

GPA 3.8

SAT scores 700 M 450V

Work History

    1. Manager, Burger King


  • Managing workers
  • Overseeing duty performance by all workers
  • Ensuring quality customer satisfaction
  • Liaising with suppliers and ordering new supplies on a monthly basis
  • Keeping employees motivated and helping them with their personal problems
  • Running the budget and keeping accounting books

Honors and Awards

2008: Deans List and Full Scholarship for Masters in Sociology

2008: Honours in Community Studies, University of California

2005: Certificate of Participation, Community Research involvement one month


2004: Government Awards, Gold Level

2002: Prom King, Long View High School

2001: Class President

2000:  Basketball team captain, Long View High School

1998: Most Valuable player in Basketball, Long View High School

Course Work

  • Women in the Community
  • Resource Mobilization and Development
  • Corruption in Federal Offices
  • Social Psychology
  • Gender, Race and Poverty in the community


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Research Methods
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Film editing with focus on documentaries

School and Community Activities

2008:  Volunteer, working in the Admissions Office, allocating accommodation to new and
continuing students

2007:  Student Leader

In-charge of all student activities in the school

Operating the student finance budget for the year

Student mobilization for activity participation as need arises

2006-2007: Editor for the ‘Graduate’ a publication of University of California

2006:  Student Volunteer, University of California, teaching on Community

Development and Conflict resolution along race lines

2000-2001:  Editor for the ‘Star’ Long View High School Student Magazine

2001: Student Mentor, Long View High School in the Junior Achievement


  • Mentoring a group of 8 Students
  • Helping the students with their homework


Available on request