Acting CV Template

While writing a CV for an acting career, it is important to describe oneself and also state all the past work experience. A good acting CV will clearly list all the qualifications, skills and talent as demonstrated or learnt by the person. Actor, whether male or female, beginner or experienced can use this template with a few modifications to get that dream acting career.

Sample Acting Resume Template

William Turk,

12, Norway Towers,

Clarks Lane,



Mobile Number: 44 9876 8765

Telephone Number: 01235 876543

HEIGHT :  6′
WEIGHT :  110 lbs
HAIR COLOR :  Blonde

AGE :  30

Career Objective

I am a talented actor with over 4 years of experience. I have demonstrated my acting talent in various genres including drama, comedy, action, thriller and even a musical. My experience includes theater, sitcoms, TV drama and comedy shows. I have very little film experience and would love to work in films.

Educational Background

Acting School Degree 2003

Bachelors in Psychology, 2000

Work Experience

My Key experiences include

  • Did a small part of a supporting actor in the film Desperados in 2008
  • Assisting Director Mark Thompson in his film “Finders Keepers” in 2008
  • Writing the screenplay for the daily soap Sisters in 2007
  • Did a voice over for a cartoon film in 2005
  • Did some theater – a musical – fun in rainbow land in 2006
  • Was the lead actor in the daily soap Theaters from 2000-2003


  • Singing
  • Dancing – An avid and well established ballet performer
  • Excellent diction
  • Bilingual in English and French
  • Ability to translate ideas into sequences, a requisite quality of a good screenplay writer
  • Very fluent in the different English dialects like Cockney