Administration CV Template

Administration CV is a very simple one that needs to concentrate on the skill sets of the person. It is necessary to summarize the strengths of a person along with his demonstrated experience of leadership. You could use this template to apply for any kind of administrative job, in HR, IT, business administration or health.

Sample Administration Resume Template

Steve Wilson,

25, Horton Park,




Mobile Number: 44 578 9845

Telephone Number: 01567 981022

Career Objective

With varied experience in administrative capacities in Human Resources and Information Technology, I look forward to extending my administrative knowledge in the health sector. I bring with me a keen problem solving attitude, team building skills and an innate sense of nurturing. Being open to new ideas, I try and bring a fresh approach to existing procedures and practices.

Educational Background

Masters in Business Administration, 2004 (specializing in HR)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, 2002

Work Experience

2007-Present: Human Resources Assistant, Clarkson Industries


  • Involved in screening and recruiting new employees
  • Design benefits packages and enroll and terminate employees from such packages
  • Manage payroll, deal with workman’s compensation and disability claims
  • Liaise between the management and the workers
  • Payroll related software development
  • HR related software development

2005-2007: Hiring Consultant, Mcgregor Consultants


  • Handled recruitment routines for various clients
  • Screened and tested clients before short listing
  • Interviewed short listed clients
  • Prepared interview schedules and models
  • Prepared initiation kits for various companies that were to be given to newly recruited employees
  • Ensured legal compliance of procedures

2003-2004: HR Intern


  • Screening employees for recruitment
  • Preparing extensive documentation
  • Filing and other documentation activities
  • Helped prepare training material for new and existing staff


Proficient in the use of HR related software

Can grasp other software easily

Bilingual in Italian and English

Good Inter personal skills

Good documentation skills


  • Developed and implemented HR related and payroll software
  • Prepared training material for new and existing employees
  • Prepared initiation kits for new employees