Administration CV

A CV or curriculum vitae is a document which sets forth the academic and professional qualifications of a candidate seeking a job, as well as his or her prior work experience. An administration CV thus is a document which highlights the qualifications and job suitability or eligibility of a candidate interested in an administrative post. Such a CV must not only highlight the relevant skills of the candidate, it must also contain a precise and effective statement of the candidate’s administrative vision.

Since an administrative job involves great responsibilities the candidate must express his own take on his post, the nature of his duties, his expectations from the job, in his own words. This gives the employers an understanding of the personal and moral conduct of the candidate, as well as his eligibility for the administrative post itself.

Some points that must be kept in mind while composing administrative CVs are:

  • The tone of the CV must be humble, business like and courteous.
  • The candidate must pitch himself to the best of his abilities, without overstating his case or qualifications. A dishonest or boastful CV is undesirable.
  • The administrative CV template must have points pertaining to administration. This creates a favorable impression on the employers.