Administrative Assistant CV Template

While drafting on administrative CVs, emphasis should be on the proficiency in office management systems, database software, HR related laws and services. People applying for the job of Administrative assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, Executive secretary, Administrative Coordinator or Associate, Administrative support assistant or coordinator and administrative aid can use this template.

Sample Administrative Assistant Resume Template

Will Thorpe,

23, Flamingo Villa,

Collins Lane,



Mobile Number: 44 0987 6545

Telephone Number: 01289 768905

Career Objective

To be able to utilize my skills and knowledge to further the growth of an organization and attain personal development in issues specifically related to administration. To be able to learn new things and explore new avenues with the help of excellent communication skills, office database management expertise and bilingual abilities

Educational Background

Masters in Business Administration, 2007

Bachelor of Arts, 2005

Work Experience

2007-Present: Administrative Assistant, Visual Tech.


  • Prepared administrative reports
  • Compiled all written communication and disbursed them
  • Coordinated and organized various workshops, at both national and international level
  • Budgeting and weekly reports
  • Prepared material for workshops, meetings and trainings
  • Implemented new e-mail technology that enables faster intra office communication
  • Looked after travel and hotel arrangements

2006-2007: Senior Clerk, Visual Tech


  • Provided Clerical support
  • Prepared spreadsheets
  • Compiled data
  • Entered data
  • Revised filing systems both on computers as well as manual filing
  • Filed and documented various trainings and workshop related material

2005-2006: Clerk, Visual Tech


  • Helped enter data
  • Payroll related data entry
  • Workman’s compensation and disability claim related processes
  • Maintained records
  • Helped with feeding large amounts of finance related data
  • Basic book keeping


Fast typist

Excellent leadership qualities

Proficient in database management systems

Excellent in filing systems

Good event organizer

Bilingual in Spanish and English


  • Implemented new e-mail technology for intra office communication
  • Revised and improved filing systems