Administrative Manager CV Template

Administration CVs usually include those relating to the posts of Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Executive secretary, Administrative Associate, Administrative support assistant, Administrative Coordinator, Office Manager Etc. Proven track record of leadership, handling various administrative issues, team building must be specified along with inter personal skills, data entry skills, and managerial skills. Rational thinking and problem solving ability, if mentioned, will definitely increase your chances.

Sample Administrative Manager Resume Template

Ray Thompson,

22, William Park,

Collins Lane,



Mobile Number: 44 7865 5432

Telephone Number: 01987 654321

Career Objective

With over 7 years of experience in administrative jobs, I would like to seek more responsibilities where I can demonstrate my keen analytical ability as well as my leadership qualities. I am well versed in all aspects of human resources, finance and purchase from my past experiences. I would like to try new avenues where this knowledge can be taken forward and will result in a mutually benefiting relationship

Educational Background

Masters in Business Administration, 2003

Bachelors in Business Administration, 2001

Work Experience

2007-Present: Administration Manager, Flypak Inc.


  • Responsible for electrical, electronics and mechanical maintenance and repair
  • Recruited administrative and clerical staff
  • Evaluated various programs
  • Organized workshops and programs
  • Monitor building and renewal of development work
  • Liaised with support services
  • Monitored and supervised all functions relating to planning and budgeting

2005-2007: Assistant Administration Manager, Flypak Inc.


  • Performance appraisals of administrative staff
  • Managed all administration related activities and tasks
  • Monitored staff activity for performance and efficiency
  • Implemented new communication methods
  • Assessed existing policies and procedures and improved them where necessary
  • Training, planning and monitoring of existing program and staff

2003-2005: Administration Coordinator, Vaugh Inc


  • Supervised and monitored staff activity, working conditions
  • Prepared consolidated administration related reports
  • Assisted in preparation of budget
  • Documentation work
  • Handled complex administration tasks
  • Managed all complicated duties of organization.

2001-2003: Administrative Intern, Vaugh Inc


  • Processed invoices
  • Entered invoice data
  • Handled customer queries
  • Checked data entered for discrepancies
  • Processed mails
  • Set up customer care processes


Good training abilities

Good documentation abilities

Bilingual in French and English

Team Building expert


  • Implemented new communication methods
  • Improved admin policies
  • Set up customer care processes