Administrator CV Template

An administrator is one who develops and implements policies, brings about reforms and looks into the daily activity of the place he is working. Administrators can be anywhere, at hospitals, schools, colleges, Companies, Restaurants, absolutely anywhere. Given below is a CV sample of a school administrator, which can be modified to suit anybody by filling in the relevant details.

Sample Administrator Resume Template

Chris Connor,

22, Sheraton Park,

Williams Lane,



Mobile Number: 44 5409 0099

Telephone Number: 01988 007766

Career Objective

Seeking a job as an administrator of a school or group of schools as I am an experienced Principal cum administrator. I am a very honest and meticulous person who believes in providing proper facilities to students and staff. I believe that work procedures should make life easier for the staff and students.

Educational Background

Masters Degree in Education Administration, 2001

B.S In Elementary Education, 1998

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, 1995

Work Experience

2006-Present: Principal, Rosewood School


  • Planned, developed and implemented curriculum of school
  • Handled Recruitment of staff and formulated principles of recruitment
  • Implemented and developed guidelines for school trips and other administrative details
  • Evaluated staff performance
  • Provided guidelines for teaching and attending to a child’ s problems using methods of Psychology
  • Reviewed existing emergency procedures and drills and ensured their viability in the given situation

2003-2006: Assistant Principal, Crisscross School


  • Assisted in development of curriculum for children that will make them grow as a whole
  • Assisted in preparing staff guidelines for teaching and administration
  • Supervised and maintained attendance in school
  • Monitored status of all facilities and ensured that everything was in top condition

1998-2003: School Teacher


  • Developed class plans for individual classes
  • Ensured that there is maximum participation by developing various activities
  • Made use of audio visual methods, field trips and other such techniques to ensure that students were interested and stayed that way


  • Professional approach
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Leadership qualities


  • Developed curriculum based on needs of students and times

Used a multi prong approach towards teaching so that students grow holistically.