Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher CV Template

Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teachers conduct accredited classes to complement the education of adults who are already working those who failed to finish secondary education.  They are trained to handle students who already have families to worry and with the biases of adults making them more difficult to manage in a classroom.

Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher CV Template

Jacob L. Hornblower

Harrison St., St. Pancras, London

Phone:  020-5576-4625


To work as an Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher for a college or post secondary school that offers special education for adults.

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Adult Literacy and Remedial Education Teacher, Columbia  Trade College, London

  • Develop the regular course curriculum to accommodate adults with a more appropriate instructional methodology.
  • For adult basic education category, develop curriculum to upgrade educational attainment levels.
  • For adult secondary education, design curriculum to complete secondary education matching that of secondary school graduates.
  • For English literacy, design curriculum to improve English proficiency.
  • Conduct courses respecting students who are older than the teacher and use more practical and realistic examples or cases that adults with jobs or families can relate to.
  • Ensure school regulations are complied with at all times.



  • Strong organizational competence
  • Excellent verbal, written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent time management and people management skills.



Was able to improve the careers of more than 300 out of school youths to finish post secondary education between 2003 and 2006



1999 – 2002: BA Commerce, Lewisham College, London


Can be provided upon request