Advertising CV

An advertising CV is a document which highlights the skills and qualifications of a candidate applying for a job in the field of advertising.

  • Such a CV, like all CVs, must require a comprehensive account of the candidate’s merits and eligibility for the job.
  •  However, a good advertising CV must also be impressive in highlighting those skills of the candidate which particularly pertain to advertising like creativity, proficiency in graphic designing or animation, and proficiency in skill.
  • An advertising CV must be appropriately creative and unique. Since uniqueness and innovation are the cornerstones of the field of advertising, these factors must be reflected in the candidate’s CV.
  • The advertising CV must be to the point, yet it must cover all the aspects of the candidate’s merits which may help him secure the job. A CV template is ultimately a pitching forward or selling of one’s skills and it is a sort of advertising itself. How the candidate frames his or her CV will be a good indication of how the candidate may fare in advertising.

Thus we see that there are many considerations which involve the framing of an advertising CV. They must be kept in mind to create that perfect CV Sample which will truly be valuable in securing, for the candidate, the coveted job in advertising.