Advertising Executive CV

Advertising executives have various functions usually depending on the market they are in. most of the time, they oversee all processes that serve clients which includes the sales promotion, media selection, advertisement productions and the finances. They also research on new marketing strategies appropriate for the target clients or buyers. Some may also manage the accounts payable, staffing and organizational management. There is tough competition on getting good jobs as an advertising executive. The best and the most creative among the pool of advertising executives have a better chance of getting hired in a prestigious company.

Sample Advertising Executive CV Template

Rosalie Wallace

123 Naworth Drive,

Newcastle, NE5 5QQ

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

To work in a prominent advertising company’s management team to be able to share and practice my creativity in the advertising arts

Educational Background

BA Mass Communications and Business

Northumbrua University, 2005

Work Experience

2007-Present: Advertising Executive, Top Media Inc.


  • Outline professional sales recommendations
  • Organize meetings for business collections
  • Deliver sales plans
  • Aid small companies to increase their revenue through marketing and advertising strategy consultations
  • Develop account strategies and account planning

2005-2007: Advertising Sales Coordinator, Media Publications Inc.


  • Sought out potential business opportunities
  • Managed customer account database and client contracts
  • Developed sales advertising objectives and strategies



  • Extensive sales and media marketing experience
  • Excellent understanding of advertising metric and performance assessment
  • Good consultative sales and closing skills



  • Opened and maintained million dollar accounts.
  • Collected nationwide and extensive network contacts.
  • Developed brand positioning for major product lines in previous company.



Available upon request