Aerospace Engineer CV

An Aerospace Engineer is tasked with the job of developing airborne travel systems for the purposes of transportation, both of people and of goods. They generally work with civilian and military aircraft systems, as well as missiles and rockets. The work is really very broad and candidates may chose to specialize according to their expertise.

However, the field is extremely competitive. A strong CV is a good thing to have when applying. Plus, a four-year degree in Aerospace Engineering is required. Aerospace Engineers may also go into Aeronautical Engineering which deals exclusively with vessels meant for use in Space.

Sample Aerospace Engineer CV Template

Sunny Smith

Up the Hill



Mobile No: +83 9839873

Telephone No: +983798437

Career Objective: To turn my fascination of flying into something that will be useful for companies, the public and myself.

Professional Experience:

Aerospace Fliers, 2007-present: currently employed as junior Aerospace Engineer mainly looking after research and development and the processing of raw data into final reports for presentations. It is my job to look at new trends in the Aerospace sector and analyze future implications.

Aerospace Engineer Objectives:

  • To design aircraft with maximum efficiency
  • To present new designs and concepts for air-travel
  • To alter and improve existing designs
  • To work in a wide variety of aircraft


2003-2007: Bsc in Aerospace Engineering, Colorado University


Named the Rookie of the Year upon joining.


  • Collecting snails
  • Collecting BB guns


“Upon request”