Agricultural Engineering CV

Agricultural Engineering is engineering that is done for the benefit of agricultural products. Agricultural Engineers devise new products, and often improve older ones, to give farmers a better chance at growing crops more efficiently and cheaply. They may combine mechanical processes or even chemical applications to come up with new ways of growing crops.

The field is very lucrative for the right candidate. Agricultural Engineers may go on to become Environmental Engineers or Engineering Consultants.

Sample Agricultural Engineering CV Template

John Florette

Flower Lane

Washington DC

Mobile No: +98 4983498657

Telephone No: +849 3895984 3

Career Objective: To use my knowledge and expertise to aid farmers and agriculturists grow better crops in less time and with less money.

Professional Experience:

Agro Solutions, 2005-Present: currently working as an Agricultural Engineer providing everything from pesticides to mowing machines for farmers. The work consists of research and development of both old and new products, with a focus on the new.

Agricultural Engineering Objectives:

  • To come up with new and novel ways of improving farming
  • To combine all fields of engineering to devise interesting agricultural options
  • To keep abreast with new developments and trends around the world
  • To research all possibilities before proceeding
  • To prepare detailed reports on implications of said technology


2001-2005: Bsc in Agricultural Engineering, University of New York


I have been named “The Most Valuable Employee” by the administration of Agro Solutions.


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