Air Marshal CV Template

With heightened security in airports, the Air Marshal is now routinely deployed in just about every air terminal with the objective of tightening and ensuring the highest level of security of airports and aircrafts. They are tasked with coordinating various security offices and personnel in maintaining air travel safety for passengers on the ground.  Air Marshals are also assigned to randomly board scheduled commercial flights in the domestic and international sectors to extend this security while on board.

Sample Air Marshal CV Template

Stanley G. Clark

Harrison St., St. Pancras London

Phone:  020-4465-1132


To work as an Air Marshal or a large retail or manufacturing company

Professional Experience


2002 – Present: Assistant Procurement Clerk, Consolidated Manufacturing, Ltd.

  • Monitor security alert bulletins and comply with relevant directives from authorities.
  • Stop and accost suspicious looking travelers, request for IDs and travel papers and ask searching questions about business in particular area.
  • Detain distrustful persons and conduct questioning procedures.
  • Cordon off entry areas subsequent safety breaches, reopening after receiving authorization that the airport is safe
  • Contact security and police provision during crucial security situations,
  • Conduct testing of left-behind baggage for explosive materials, using correct detection equipment and sniff dogs.
  • Check gate management structure to guarantee that all passengers who boarded are accounted for ensuring offloading of luggage of gate no-show travelers and initiate inquiry and search of lost passenger



  • Excellent ability to operate detection systems for explosives and weapons
  • Strong empathy with sniffing dogs
  • Possess strong presence of mind to aware security officers or alarm systems at outset of a evolving situation
  • Medically and physically fit with swift reflexes
  • Outstanding interpersonal and organizing ability for crowd control



Awarded Employee of the Year 2005 for high performance ranking



1998 – 2002: BA Economics (undergraduate), University of Brighton, UK


Can be provided upon request