Aircraft Electrician CV Template

Aircraft electricians work for aircraft manufacturing companies or airline companies.  They are employed to ensure the maintenance and repair of electrical systems in aircrafts such as airplanes and helicopters.  Aircraft electricians work in teams where they cooperate and coordinate with other staff to be able to install electrical systems that are properly working.  Teamwork is essential since electrical systems are ensured for aircrafts that are relatively large compared to other vehicles.  Aircraft electricians must be highly knowledgeable of aircraft electrical and electronic components.  They must know how to apply electronic principles as well as hydraulics and pneumatics principles.

Sample Aircraft Electrician CV Template

Bruce Evans

New Cross, London, SE15 6NW

Phone:  123-4567-8901



Knowledgeable and experienced individual hoping to land a job as an aircraft electrician for an aircraft company that offers challenging tasks and opportunity for career advancement.


Summary of Qualification

  • Possess three years of work experience as an aircraft electrician.
  • A team player with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Vast knowledge of electronics and hydraulic system principles.
  • Skilled in the use of equipment relevant to the job.
  • Knowledgeable of standards of electrical systems in aircrafts.


Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Aircraft Electrician, Top Aircraft Company

  • Inspect aircraft electrical systems and conduct repairs if any damage is observed.
  • Adjust and test electrical components of systems to ensure excellent working condition.
  • Clean and preserve electrical components.
  • Provide technical guidance to other members of the staff.
  • Diagnose causes of electrical problems and make repair plans.


Possess high school diploma and vocational training.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.