Aircraft Maintenance CV

Aircraft maintenance is meant to provide maintenance and service to aircraft industry. Both public and private sector airlines hire aircraft maintenance executives. The motto of the companies behind hiring aircraft maintenance executive is to ensure safety of the passengers.

Aircraft maintenance CVs are the best when applying for the pots like maintenance control supervisor, maintenance supervisor, maintenance administration and control executive and for many other posts.




Marcos Bareto

Buckingham Palace 235-76,

Shakespeare Street,


Mobile No.: +15005327821

Telephone Number: +108491245178

Career Objective:

To get a job in my field where I can apply my knowledge and soft skills and help the company to achieve its goal.

Professional Experience:

Atlantic air Vehicle, England, 2003-2009: lead a member of ten members and k as a technical directive. Provide training and supervised fresh candidates.

Aircraft Maintenance Objectives:

  • To maintain the various parts of an aircraft.
  • To help the organization in reducing cost by providing high quality services
  • To provide sufficient trainings to personnel’s.


1998-2002: B.E in aircraft maintenance engineering from university of Scotland.

2003: Completed six months training in aircraft maintenance.


Won the best employee award in the year of 2008. Became first employee in United Kingdom to have certificates in all domains of aircraft maintenance.


  • Coin collecting
  • Listening to music.


Upon request”.