Aircraft Mechanic CV

An aircraft mechanic is the person who is in charge of every mechanical detail relating to the aircraft and its operation. An aircraft mechanic has to be a highly expert person having adequate knowledge about the mechanical details required for the aircraft. This is because any faults in the mechanism of the aircraft can take away many lives. An aircraft mechanic CV template helps to provide professional as well as experience details of the person applying for the post.

Aircraft Mechanic CV Template

Carl Furman

Ellis Street 03980




  • To find a rewarding position in the aircraft mechanical department and show expertise in the specific field.

Summary of Qualification

  • A trained expert in the maintenance, servicing and fixing problems for every nook and corner of the aircraft from tips to tail to wings to nose.
  • Knowledge and skill about the changing, replacement and removal of the component parts of the aircraft that are damaged or worn out.
  • Expert in landing gear, the exterior and interior, proper lubrication and refueling of the aircraft in time and in the proper way.
  • Certified in the field of powering the aircraft and matters relating to the aircraft engine.



Graduated 160 hours program

Technical Aircraft Maintenance School



Graduated 120 hour program

Fairchild Air Force Institute



Hill Force Institute of Aviation Technology

Aeronautical Engineering


Career Experience

  • Jet Airways- 2006-2008

[Deputy Mechanical Engineer]

  • British Airlines- Present

[Deputy Chief Aircraft Engineer]


  • Achieved the best award for maintenance of the aircraft fuelling in 2007

Professional references upon request.