Aircraft Painter CV Template

Aircraft painters are employed in airport hangars or aircraft manufacturing companies.  They are primarily responsible for polishing the aircraft area and prepare aircrafts for painting by utilizing sanders and solvent cleaners.  Aircraft painters also prepare the aircraft for paint using cheese cloths.  They are responsible for priming the aircraft using proper spray equipment and then spray topcoat using a special kind of paint, the polyurethane paint.  Painting aircrafts follows specific guidelines and procedure that must be strictly followed by aircraft painters.  They must steam the aircraft and also make sure to wrap the aircraft with wrapping paper.  Aircraft painters do not only paint the exterior of aircrafts but they must also paint the cockpit.  In addition, they must complete the paint details of the aircraft based on the aircraft design.

Sample Aircraft Painter CV Template

Stuart Brown

Bell Street, Dundee, DD3 1HG

Phone:  123-4567-8901



Hard-working aircraft painter is looking for the opportunity to work in a company where I can share my skills and gain experience.


Summary of Qualification

  • Three years of work experience as anaircraft painter.
  • Meticulous and efficient worker.
  • Skilled and talented in painting aircrafts.
  • Capable of using different kinds of equipment for accurate painting.
  • Excellent skills in oral and written communication.


Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Aircraft Painter

  • Review aircraft design and make a detailed plan on how to paint aircraft in an organized manner.
  • Paint aircrafts using proper method from priming, topcoating, to final paint.
  • Check paint job for any flaws.


High school graduate.


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.