Airport Customs Inspection Officer CV Template

Airport Customs Inspection Officers are government customs inspectors assigned in airports categorized as ports of entry.  They handle inspection of incoming cargo shipments or outgoing as well as baggage from deplaning international airline passengers to ensure they fulfill with the pertinent customs laws.

Sample Customs Inspection Officer CV Template


Roger A. Colman

Hartham St., Holloway London, UK

Phone:  020-2477-1901


To work as a Customs Inspection Officer in any of the country’s airports serving as port of entry

Professional Experience


2001 – Present: Customs Inspection Officer, Gatwick, London

  • Conduct spot and arbitrary checks of cargo shipments declared as imports and ensure they are in obedience with local import guidelines
  • Ensure truthful import duty valuations or cargo based on capacity and commodity types.
  • Slap the needed customs duties on baggage content of profitable value as may be assessed.
  • Alert customs safety on shipments that are in abuse of customs laws for probable legal action against importers.
  • Conduct random inspections on luggage released from the carrier or ship hold and guarantee that customs declaration procedures are in order.
  • Institute criminal and civil actions and coordinate with other law enforcement organizations in investigating and impeaching those in abuse of customs laws.


Customs Inspection Officer Skills and Specifications

  • Have the presence of mind and attentiveness in spotting pronouncement errors and contraband cargo.
  • Adequate verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong understanding of customs laws and regulations.


Cited by government for hitting target customs revenue collection for the year 2008 and 2010,


1999 – 2003: BA Public Administration, Ashton University, West Midlands


Can be provided upon request