Airport Immigration Officer CV Template

Airport Immigration officers are assigned in the country’s airports of entry servicing international air travel.  Frequent travelers are familiar with them in immigration counters when leaving or entering the country.  They check passports and visas or other pertinent travel documents of departing and deplaning passengers.   Airport Immigration Officers screen foreign passport holders entering the UK territory via international air carriers, stamp their passports and indicate their maximum period of stay depending on their Visa category.

Sample Airport Immigration Officer CV Template


Denis A. Thatcher

Hartham St., Holloway London, UK

Phone:  020-2477-1901


To work as an Airport Immigration Officer for the government in any of the country’s airports serving as port of entry

Professional Experience


2001 – Present: Airport Immigration Officer, Gatwick, London

  • Check and determine admissibility of foreign nationals seeking entry by ensuring correct travel documents, cleared against blacklist database and behaviour.
  • Inspect passport and stamp according to their status.
  • Conduct interviews when necessary
  • Order deportation of wrongly documented or suspicious aliens
  • Alert relevant airlines and impose corresponding fines.
  • Assist in the deportation of persons in violation of immigration laws.



  • Have alertness and presence of mind in spotting dubious travel documents and detecting suspicious behaviour in passengers.
  • Excellent command of computer database systems
  • Has strong understanding of immigration laws
  • Excellent knowledge on nationalities, politics, geography and current events



Cited by government for successful deportation of more than 1,000 aliens with fraudulent documentation


1997 – 2001: BA Public Administration, King’s College, London


Can be provided upon request