Ambulance Technician CV

An Ambulance Technician’s job requires the candidate to be able to perform basic lifesaving procedures until the time that the patient can be transferred to a proper medical facility. An Ambulance Technician is generally teamed up with one or two ambulance drivers and must always be on patrol, receiving instructions through the emergency radio.

Ambulance Technicians go through intense training protocols and must always be licensed. A CV is a good way to break into the field either as a full time Ambulance Technician or to assist under one.

Sample Ambulance Technician CV Template

Jake Kimball

66th Avenue

Santa Fe

New Mexico

Mobile No: +12 22 1 23 4 4

Telephone No: +44 233 23-576 6

Career Objective: To use my skills as an emergency medical technician to help those in dire need.

Professional Experience:

Ford Medics, Private Ambulances, 2006-2009: started off work as an assistant Ambulance Technician and was given my own ambulance in 2007. I worked countless hours around the clock, sometimes for 24 hours a day at a stretch.

Ambulance Technician Objectives:

  • To respond to emergency medical situations
  • To perform first-aid and lifesaving procedures to buy the patients time until they can be transferred properly
  • To safely transport patients to nearest medical center


2002-2005: Bsc in Biology, New Mexico University, Santa Fe

2005-2006: EMT Training, City College of San Francisco, California


I have had numerous articles published about me in local Santa Fe magazines, especially after I was able to perform a complex emergency procedure to save the life of an car accident victim.


  • Writing Songs
  • Playing Cards


“Upon request”