Amusement Park Manager CV

An amusement park manager is a person who supervises the day to day operations of an amusement park. He works to ensure the visitors have a pleasant experience. He is responsible for overall maintenance of the park and the proper running of the games and facilities. Park managers also make plans to improve the look of the park and improve them accordingly.

Amusement Park Manager CV Template

Richard Toby

Hillview Road

France– 8574

Phone: 84-3322-65


Career Objective:

I am an experienced and responsible park manager having effective communication skills and managerial capabilities. I also have organizational capabilities and have a good understanding as o how to manage an amusement park effectively.

Professional Experience:

2007-Present: Toyland Amusement Park

  • Manage visitors’ during heavy rush season
  • Deployed more workforce staff for the rush season
  • Developed plans to promote better safety and health of the visitors.
  • Ensured all the games and facilities are properly in working condition.
  • Incase of emergency defect of any game, deployed immediate workmen and technicians to rectify it.
  • Seek the help of customer service policies to lean to handle customers more effectively.
  • Give information to the visitors regarding the various park facilities and regarding their rules, regulations and their use.
  • Supervised transactions and of the cash counters.

Educational Qualification:

2002-2005: Bachelors in Arts, College of Arts Studies

2005-2007: Masters in Arts, College of Arts Studies.





Professional reference will be added upon request.