Animal Trainer CV Template

Animal trainers may work with different kinds of animals. Some work with large animals such as lions, elephants and dolphins for them to perform in front of large groups of people. On the other hand some train dogs for dog shows or law enforcement. And others train horses for competitions or riding shows. They are skilled in conditioning animals to respond to commands.

Sample Animal Trainer CV Template

Martin Webley

Houghton Street

London, WC2A 5AE

Phone:  234-776-1111


I am a highly qualified and skilled animal trainer who puts utmost dedication in training a wide variety of animals. I am seeking an opportunity to work with a leading animal training company to further hone my skills and help the company achieve its goals and objectives.

Summary of Qualification

  • Three years of work experience as an animal trainer.
  • Patient in the observance of animal behavior and sensitive to animals health and conditioning needs
  • Extensive knowledge in training animals to respond to commands
  • High proficiency in providing animal mental stimulation, hands on care and physical exercise
  • High degree of knowledge in diet preparation
  • Wide experience in animal competition and shows
  • Excellent verbal and written skills

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – Present:  Animal Trainer, Steeds and Canine Inc.

  • Provided health conditioning and training to show horses and dogs
  • Kept track record of animals health and conditioning schedules and routines
  • Assisted the company in the preparation and dissemination of promotional brochures to improve awareness of the public of services being offered by the company
  •  Maintained the overall cleanliness of animal habitat.


2002 – 2006:  Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, London University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.