Apparel Designer CV

Apparel designers are creative professionals that are tasked to create the latest and the most awaited apparel in the fashion industry. They can design clothes, head articles, accessories and footwear depending on their expertise. This profession can be very competitive since there are a lot of apparel designers competing for the limelight in the fashion world. There are a lot of opportunities though, since the fashion industry still has a lot of subcategories.

Sample Apparel Designer CV Template

Abigail Hobbs

123 Margaret Place,

Falmouth, TR11 2RQ

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

To work as an apparel designer and practice my creative skills in designing different fabrics, accessories and fashion materials

Educational Background

BA Fashion Design

University College Falmouth, 2004

Work Experience

2008-present: Apparel Designer, Elle Fashion Company


  • Communicated with clients with respect to their needs and specifications
  • Generate ideas for makeup design and hairstyles that will fit the occasion and the theme
  • Maintain headpieces, cosmetics, tools and equipment
  • Estimated budget for cosmetic materials, tools and products

2005-2007: Apparel Designer, Gracie’s House of Fashion


  • Designed contemporary winter apparel for kids
  • Performed research to be able to produce excellent designs for kids’ and teens’ wear
  • Prepare garments for clients meetings and presentations



  • Extensive knowledge in techniques and principles of design
  • Creative and skilled in making sketches of designs with exact specifications
  • Can handle multiple tasks and beat deadlines



  • Led the 2007 Fall collection of shoes and bags for Gracie’s House of Fashion
  • Trained the junior designers in latest fashion trends and some advanced techniques in design


References furnished upon request