Archaeologist CV

An archaeologist is scientist who studies people and what they examined in the past from the remains they left behind.  Archaeologists might focus on the early Native Americans, early European residents, such as the pilgrims, or ancient factory buildings.

Sample Archaeologist CV Format

Dane Faro

D-34, 55rd Street



Mobile No: +43 873905345

Telephone No: +78 00996656

Career Objective: To looks for artifacts (items people make) that will declare more about the past, or features (When a human acts to towards the ground and lefts evidence behind from that activity)

Professional Experience:

American natural museum, 2007-2009: worked as tour guide to normal visitors or to the students of science faculty – geology department.

AME-Oil , 2009 till now I worked as an archaeologist , as before they dig for oil or petrol , they make use of ancient remains found in sites, later in time it can be sold to museums

Archaeologist CV Objectives:

  • To work on historic sites till they find evidence of a privy (privy is bathroom or an outhouse).
  • To record carefully where everything was found though making maps and drawings of everything they dig for.
  • To find a gap dug for people used to keep food or other things (storage pit).
  • To reach the bottom walls of houses ( foundations)


2003-2006: BA of Geology, Arizona University


I was awarded the employee of the year at AME-Oil in 2008.


  • reading
  • foot ball


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