Architect CV

An architect must have imagination and creativity to be able to produce stunning designs and appropriate facades for structures. Their talent does not just cover that of designing but also must extend to engineering, communications and computer literacy. Patience and discipline are important virtues of an architect especially when pursuing a post-graduate education.

Sample Architect CV Template

Colin Miller

123 Sausthorpe Street,

Lincoln, LN5 7XW

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Seeking employment as an architect in a respectable company to gain experience and establish my reputation

Educational Background

BA Architecture

University of Lincoln, 2003

Work Experience

2006-present: Lead Architect, Architects Inc.


  • Design, plan and monitor the construction of major clients’ buildings
  • Prepare a variety of designs and present it to clients as their choices for their building design
  • Maintain and update computer files for architectural designs using autocad
  • Train and oversee junior architects with autocad and computer filing

2003-2006: Architect, Design partners


  • Prepare renovation designs for clients
  • Presented designs to clients using a 3D software
  • Worked hand in hand with contractors to ensure the building specifications are met



  • Have expertise in different architectural models
  • Organized and well-informed of latest trends in architecture
  • Knowledgeable in basic computer design programs such as Autocad, Ms Project etc.



  • Developed more than 30 building proposals
  • Have been the lead architect for  more than 10 industrial building constructions


References available upon request