Architectural Engineering CV

Architectural Engineering is a curious branch of both architecture and engineering. It concerns itself with the application of engineering principles and ideas to the field of architecture. This includes the analysis of a given project from the viewpoint of its structural soundness. Architectural Engineers are also expected to take into consideration things like electrical wiring, plumbing and the air-conditioning systems.

Architectural Engineers are in high demand throughout the world.

Sample Architectural Engineering CV Format

King Vidor

Juice Lane

New Orleans


Mobile No: +84 9384 3948

Telephone No: +48598294

Career Objective: To use my expertise as an Architectural Engineer to the benefit of both the clients and myself.

Professional Experience:

White Line Systems, 2006-Present: currently employed as an Architectural Engineer working on multiple projects at a time; overseeing the design, construction and final touches of everything from large buildings to small office complexes.

Architectural Engineering Objectives:

  • To analyze a structure’s structural soundness
  • To make necessary changes to ensure structural strength
  • To ensure that the final complex will be able to house proper electrical systems
  • To ensure that temperature control options will be viable
  • To ensure that adequate plumbing will be installable
  • To ensure that the structure will be able to withstand external pressure


2002-2006: Bsc in Architectural Engineering, University of New Orleans


My designs have been featured on a popular computer graphics website as a study for realistic, yet aesthetically pleasing designs.


  • Oil Designing
  • Sprinting


“Upon request”