Architectural Technician CV

Architectural Technicians most often work directly under an Architectural Technologist to provide them with plans using Computer Aided Designs, preparing specifications and obtaining tenders. They are also expected to draw up the estimated costs and such.

A CV is required for any architectural technician. The post may eventually lead to becoming an Architectural Technologist or Engineer.

Sample Architectural Technician CV Template

Eli Kazan

87th Street



Mobile No: +4 3372 334

Telephone No: +88 73483 737

Career Objective: To function at my best in the field of Architecture, providing clients with complexes they are not only happy with, but also comfortable.

Professional Experience:

WYG Group Limited, 2008-2010: currently working as an assistant Architectural Technician mainly concerned with obtaining tenders and providing cost estimates. Frequent site visits and keen observation of techniques also comes with the job.

Architectural Technician Objectives:

  • To assist the Architectural Technologist in any way
  • To prepare plans and drawings using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  • To calculate estimated costs depending on the designs
  • To obtain tenders
  • To prepare specifications
  • To check for compliance
  • To make frequent visits to the site


2004-2008: BA in Architectural Studies, University of Texas


A building site at which I worked as a junior Architectural Technician for a period of seven months was featured in many magazines across the state as a prime example of upcoming architectural efficiency and design.


  • Shoe Repairing
  • Computer Graphics


“Upon request”