Art CV

Writing an Art CV is different in many aspects as compared to commerce related CVs. The latter ones focus on skills that were gained throughout the years, features that most of the individuals can develop, by the means of a thorough professional conduct. Art CVs on the other hand highlight native excellence, rare skills and outstanding performance.

Art CV present factual information about you to the world and as such they should comprise anything like solo/group exhibitions, productions, collections, publications, commissions, residencies, published works, etc.

Whether you want to apply for a Fashion Designer or an Art Administrator position, keep in mind to write 2 or 3 pages at least, as Art CVs comprise this much of information. Artists are known to have many faces and as such their creativity goes that far, that they actually send 2 versions of their CV: a short (1 page) and a long version.

Art CVs are abbreviated documents meant to be used while searching for exhibition opportunities, grant applications etc. Easy on the eye CVs share common features such as legibility, neatness, grammar, etc. It is not uncommon for artists to showcase their work on a website. Listing the address of the website at the beginning of the CV template can be a plus.