Artist Model CV Template

Artist modelling is a career that is open to individuals that meet particular body type requirements of artists.  Most artist models are slender and capable of posing for artists depending on the artist’s need.  Artist models are models that can pose for long periods of time until artists finish sketching, painting, or making sculptures using them as subject matter.  Many artists employ models for practicing their skills in capturing the human body on their canvass or other medium.  Some artists also include models in their landscape paintings or may make portraits for sale.  Artist models must be patient and take care of their body figure.

Sample Artist Model CV Template

Frida Smith


Leicestershire, LE15 3TU

Phone:  345-776-3333



Slender and experienced model looking for the opportunity to work with artists as an artist model where I can use my skills in contributing to the creation of beautiful artworks.


Summary of Qualification

  • Two years working as an artist model.
  • Possess a passion and interest in the arts.
  • Has experience in posing in different locations and weather conditions.
  • Physically fit and healthy.
  • Demonstrate an ability to express various emotions while modelling.

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present:  Artist Model

  • Discuss the type of artwork to be made by the artist to determine the proper body position and facial expression needed.
  • Pose for the artist as he creates paintings in studios and different locations.
  • Give some insight on the artwork in progress.


2003 – 2007:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Leicestershire University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.