Assistant Arts Director CV

An Assistant Arts Directors responsibility is to assist an arts director. The work of an assistant arts director is similar to an arts director, the only difference is that the director has a higher authority than the assistant. An Arts director will be handling many projects at a time and hence the assistant arts directors will be need to monitor a project and see that everything is being executed as scheduled by the director.

An Assistant Arts Director CV is required for an individual who wants a job in advertising agency or film industry for the assistant arts director post.

Assistant Arts Director CV Template

Dave Balder

7098, Woods Street

Westside Gardens,


The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 954 43 55 63 8

Telephone Number: + 1 210 436 0989

Career Objective: : I am looking forward for a job as an Assistant Arts Director in a reputed advertising agency.

Professional Experience:

2007– 2009: XYZ Film Productions, Michigan

I have worked for XYZ film productions Michigan, for the post of an assistant art director. The responsibilities I had to take orders from my arts director and look after the project. I also had to look after the entire project as per arts director’s instructions.

2006 – 2007: XYZ Advertisement Company, Michigan

I have worked for XYZ Advertisement Company, as an Assistant arts director Michigan. My work was to organize and manage the resources, locations and models for the project.


2002 – 2005: Bachelor of Arts (Intermedia), University of Ohio

2005 – 2006: Masters of Arts (Intermedia) Michigan University


I have worked with one of the popular art directors on a project.


· Football

· Fishing


I will provide references on request.