Assistant Manager CV

An Assistant Manager is expected to take on a number of duties, depending on the nature of the company. An Assistant Manager trains those under him and assists his senior Manager in his day-to-day work. This may include filing work, paper work, making appointments and so on. An Assistant Manager is also expected to act on behalf of the manager when the same is off-duty.

The following sample CV may be used by those looking to become Assistant Managers, Assistant Directors or Assistant Team Leaders.

Sample Assistant Manager CV Template

Veronica Cartwright

Nostro Street, 16th 77#


South Dakota

Mobile No: +4983 29832 092

Telephone No: +76485 938

Career Objective: To learn the ropes of management through first becoming an Assistant Manager.

Professional Experience:

Key Kay Corp., 2007-2009: worked as a Team Member on a number of event planning projects. I was eventually promoted to Team Leader and then to Assistant Team Manager. It was my job to prepare reports and items for the team and to process target sales and such.

Assistant Manager Objectives:

  • To train new personnel adequately
  • To perform data processing exercises
  • To delve into paper-work
  • To assist, in all ways, the senior Manager


2004-2007: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Southern California


Our Team at Key Kay Corp. was featured in a prominent business daily due to our relentless commitment to an important annual event.


  • Visiting Churches
  • Analyzing classical sculptures


“Upon request”