Assistant Teacher CV Template

An assistant teacher is usually a part-time teacher who helps a regular teacher in handling their classes whenever the latter is not around or when the need arises.

However, an assistant teacher should also be knowledgeable about the subjects being taught by the head teacher and the lesson plan/ course outline.

Sample Assistant Teacher CV Template

Linda Hughes

76 Ince Crescent,

Liverpool, Merseyside, L37 1XR


Phone: 0151 722 6886

Career objective:

A bachelor degree holder in Educational Psychology with three years of experience in volunteer teaching who seeks a part-time job as an Assistant Teacher

Professional Qualifications:

2005-present: Volunteer Teacher, Holy Angels School

  • Provided a fun, fruitful, and interactive learning experience to less privileged students in London
  • Conducted lectures and exercises
  • Evaluated students’ performance through written and practical examinations
  • Corrected test papers and other academic outputs
  • Attended to students’ needs

Educational Qualifications:

2000-2003: Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Imperial College of Education.

2005: Acquired an Early Childhood Education Certificate from the London State University

Skills and Qualities:

  • Patient, objective, professional and highly ethical
  • Cheerful and approachable
  • Has working knowledge with the use of different learning tools such as electronic modules, audio-visual presentations, visual aids, among others
  • Gets along well with students, providing them with sufficient guidance and a friendly learning atmosphere
  • Fluent in French and in English (spoken and written)









Marie Hughes

Head Teacher

Holy Angels School


Phone: 020 8676 1711



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