Auto Technician CV

An Auto Technician’s job is to repair faulty automobiles. The job requires a good understanding of not only automobiles specifically but of other fields like physics and mathematics as well. Repair jobs can range from very simple tinkering to overnight, sometimes week-long repairs. Therefore Auto Technicians are expected to be dedicated and patient.

A CV is good for breaking into the field. Overtime, an Auto Technician may become the Manager of the workshop or an Auto Consultant.

Sample Auto Technician CV Template

William Mace

566th Down Lane

Saint Paul


Mobile No: +434 669493 48384

Telephone No: +887 5573 44577

Career Objective: To use my dedication and skill to help keep automobiles in shape for as long as possible.

Professional Experience:

2008-Present: Candy Automotive: currently working as part of a team of Automobile Technicians who work exclusively on trucks. I have spent countless hours working with my hands and with my head fixing complex problems.

Auto Technician Objectives:

  • To repair faulty automobiles
  • To service automobiles so that they function longer
  • To tinker automobiles so that they function better
  • To communicate with clients effectively and clearly relating to the nature of the problem


2006-2008: Associates Degree in Automobile Technology, Minnesota Community College, Saint Paul


I was featured in a local Automobile Magazine as a teenager for making special modifications to mine and my friends’ automobiles. The article consisted of three pages and was decimated widely.


  • Skiing
  • Sculpting


“Upon request”