AutoCAD Drafter CV

AutoCAd is a software program used for drafting construction layouts in specific and precise measurements. It is a way of making a softcopy of plans that can be easily stored, edited, and retrieved for future references. Trained AutoCAD drafters are needed by companies and sometimes individual professionals who need their construction plans transcribed into a soft copy for filing.

Sample AutoCAD Drafter CV Template

Peter Mills

123 Victoria Hill Rd.,

Swanley, BR8 7LL

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

Looking for a position of an AutoCAD drafter in a company for me to be able to use my skills and share my expertise in the field of construction

Educational Background

BA Construction Engineering

XYZ University, 2006

Work Experience

2009-Presesnt: AutoCAD Drafter, HDC Constructions Co.


  • Convert hand drawn plans and designs to precise and presentable AutoCAD files
  • Produce accurate and timely AutoCAD files
  • Edit and revise plans as instructed by the Drafting Manager
  • Follow standards and markers as required by the department
  • Convert and apply proper unit conversion for accurate presentation of legends

2006-2009: AutoCAD Technician, ABC Construction


  • Work on converting hand drawn designs into AutoCAD files with the supervision of the head Drafter
  • Review digital surveyed information to produce accurate revisions
  • Collate old and new plans’ data and revisions to update the AutoCAD files of the department


  • Proficient in AutoCAD drafting
  • Excellent skills in precise measurement and units conversion
  • Knowledgeable in construction theories and practices


  • Diploma and License in Construction Engineering
  • Prepared more than 100 AutoCAD files for construction plans and designs

References available upon request