Aviation Assistant Manager CV

An aviation assistant manager has the work of helping the aviation manager to do the work better and more economically. He is the second person after the aviation manager who is in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft and its proper operation. An assistant aviation manager CV has to throw light on the technical specification and technical training achieved by the person applying for the job.

Aviation Assistant Manager CV Template

James McCarthy

68, Shakespeare Colony,

France 3453

Email- james_air@yahoo. com


To get the position of the assistant aviation manager so as to learn the work better with the manager to guide with the job.

Summary of Qualifications

 Ability to direct in the aircraft maintenance and looking after the wear and tear of the aircraft.

 Power to develop good systems and replace the old ones that are risky. Have the ability of risk assessment and testing.

 Qualified in inspecting the standards of the aircraft parts and other details relating to the aircraft.

 Good knowledge that can help in keeping a good record of the operations and doing the needful in times of need.



Bachelors in Aviation Technology

AIR Institute of Technology



Masters in Aviation Management

Institute of Aircraft and Aviation


Career Experiences

  • King Air Airlines

[Ground Technical Manager- 2006-2008]

  • French Airline Company

[Junior Aircraft Team Leader- present]


  • Best Technical Man of the year in 2007 for good assistance and help in maintaining good condition of the aircraft.

Professional references upon request.