Aviation CV

An aviation CV is a document which presents the skills of a candidate requiring a job in the field of aviation. Such a job can range from that of a pilot’s, to that of an air hostess, or even a desk job in a flight agency. Hence, due to the wide range of jobs that come under the range of aviation, the aviation CV too is of many different kinds, and each kind is unique with its own rules and regulations. However, some important points to be noted are as follows:

  • An aviation CV must present a list of the prior work of the candidate. Since it is a niche filed requiring a great deal of specialized training, these must be given a lot of importance.
  • An aviation CV must be precise and to the point. Reference letters from prior agencies can be added in order to lend credibility to the CV.
  • Aviation CVs must highlight only those skills of the candidate which are pertaining to the job. For example, where a pilot’s CV must focus on his flying skills and experience, an air hostess’s CV must highlight her appearance, smartness and communication skills.
  • An aviation CV template must be courteous and civil in tone.