Aviation Manager CV

An aviation manager CV template is very crucial for a person applying for the job as the selection process of an aviation manager is focused on experience and training. The aviation manager CV must be very neat and should contain all specifications that make one suitable for the job. An aviation manager has to make difficult decisions during tough times. Hence he should be a man of sound mental state.

Aviation Manager CV Template

Phillip Carter

Streams Driveway,

36 Durbin Cities,

Germany 0398

Email- pcarter@gmail.com


Looking for a job as an aviation manager to show exCellent power and skill in the air force commandment and aviation.

Summary of Qualification

  • Expertise in the field of Aircraft design, Safety programmes, Human factors, risk management, etc.
  • Knowledge about the Aviation compliance, Avionics tests, RF components, and supervising safety training.
  • Undergone courses on electronic principles, quality applications, soldering techniques, etc.



Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering

Community College



Masters in Electronic Principles and Aeronautical Sciences

University of Aeronautical Sciences


Professional courses on:

Aeronautical Studies

Aviation Safety

Aviation tests and safety

Career Experiences

  • German Fuel company

[Shift Supervisor and trainee-2007-2009]

  • German Air Force Institution

[Electronic Warfare team Leader- present]


  • Awarded the Air Force achievement medal in the year 2008 for exCellent supervision of the staff and proper training to the teams.
  • Selected the Quality Professional Maintainer in the year 2010 for good lead and collaboration with the peers and groups.


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