Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician CV Template

Assigned to handle munitions of fighter and attacks jets, combat helicopters and bombers, Aviation Munitions or Ordnance Technicians perform physical inventory accounting, storage, deployment and breakout, maintenance, and transportation of airborne armanentation, armament-handling appliances, air launched missiles, and other air-borne conventional munitions.

Sample Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician CV Template

Bernie G. Balmory

Baker St., London, UK

Phone:  020-3254-7761



To work as a Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician for the civilian police or military with a fleet of airborne weaponry

Professional Experience


2003 – Present: Aviation Munitions Ordnance Technician, Royal Helicopter Command Services, London

  • Conduct required munitions inspections, calibration checks and adjustments and repair of missiles and other projectile munitions devices.
  • Conduct preventive and corrective maintenance on support launch equipment, aircraft guns and turrets on aircraft,  multiple ejection/bomb racks, aerial targeting systems, and a wide variety of highly technical aircraft armament weapons systems
  • Perform quality inspections, safety, and maintenance management duties as may be assigned by relevant ordnance handling heads.
  • Transport missiles and explosives using prescribed vehicles.
  • Identify required munitions type and install in aircraft as required
  • Conduct inventory management duties to ensure munitions are available when needed or as a matter of routine deployment.



  • A citizen of the state
  • Normal vision and color perception ability
  • Must possess a valid drivers license
  • Must meet the medical requirements for relevant munitions and explosives handling operations as stipulated by the employing organization



2003: Passed eligibility for secret security clearance.

2001 – 2004:  Associate in Electronics, Imperial College London


Can be provided upon request