B2B Salesman CV

A B2B (short for Business to Business) salesman negotiates the terms of business between two businesses, in contrast to the practice of business between a business and a consumer. It is the job of a B2B Salesman to scout out potential buyers, set-up meetings with them and negotiate the terms. Oftentimes, the prices are substantially reduced for B2B transactions, thus proper channels are required.

A B2B salesman may also be called a Sales Representative depending on the size of the company in question. A lower level employee may be known as a Sales Man or Sales Girl.

Sample B2B Salesman CV Templete

Bob Falfa

Buffalo Street




Mobile No: +78 87 657978 87

Telephone No: +99 7876 8768

Career Objective: To use my negotiation skills to make deals between large corporations.

Professional Experience:

Rep Socks, 2003-2010: started work as a Sales Assistant, looking after sales work, then was promoted in 2005 to the position of Sales Representative, scouting out buyers and negotiating deals.

B2B Salesman Objectives:

  • To scout out large businesses for negotiating deals
  • To negotiate deals between the two parties
  • To propose feasible delivery and pick-up dates and timings
  • To look after the financial transactions of the deal


2000-2003: BA in Commerce, Colorado University


I was able to bring in a large international company for a deal with Rep Socks, for which I was granted a special bonus of six months.


  • Baking
  • Carpentry


“Upon request”