B2C Salesman CV

A B2C Salesman, short for Business to Customer Salesman, is any salesperson who is involved in the process of selling a product to an individual customer, as opposed to a large corporation. The job involves everything from scouting customers, to actual selling to handling complaints. Since the business takes place between the company and individuals it is important to make as many deals as possible to keep business flowing.

A B2C Salesman CV is good for people applying for a position as a Sales Representative, Travelling Salesman, Door-to-Door Salesman and Sales Man/Girl.

Sample B2C Salesman CV Template

Joanna Kelly

Word Street,

New Orleans



Mobile No: +34 565 34954

Telephone No: +576 483 93 29

Career Objective: To make effective use of my salesman and communication skills for the benefit of the company, the customer and myself.

Professional Experience:

AirBow Stores, 2006-2009: Employed as a Salesperson, working directly with customers at the store, guiding them properly, informing them of new schemes and offers and so on.

B2C Salesman Objectives:

  • To scout out prospective customers
  • To guide customers properly
  • To inform customers of new schemes and promotions
  • To brief customers on latest trends and improved products
  • To make effective sales


2002-2005: BA in Communication Studies, Louisiana University


I was given a special mention in the company brochure for my exemplary dedication as a motivation package for other employees.


  • Playing the Clarinet
  • Digital Photo Editing


“Upon request”