Ballet Dancer CV Template

Considered as the most disciplined form of dancing, the ballet is a pedigreed dancing tradition that is iconic for the elitist airs of a bygone era.  Today, the ballet dancer, while being heir to this lofty tradition, combines classical dance traditions with the freestyle techniques of contemporary dance to create a fusion of grace, energy, originality and expressive power that have become the hallmark of interpretative modern dance.  Most successful professional dancers in dance ensembles for musicals, stage performances and figure skating are rooted in ballet disciplines. A resume for the part should include a portfolio of videotaped ballet performances and recognitions.

Sample Ballet Dancer CV Template

Barbra K. Collins

Maddox St., London

Phone:  020-5443-9143


To take on a lead position as a ballet dancer in a theater production company

Professional Experience


2003 – Present:  2nd Lead Ballet Dancer, Birmingham Royal Ballet, London

  • Execute the traditional dance sequences for a number of classical and contemporary ballet music
  • Ensure prompt attendance in all dance rehearsals as schedules.
  • Attend gymnastic sessions to further strengthen ballet skills
  • Ensure that the trim and lithesome body suited for any ballet performance is maintained with proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide dance instructions as requested to takeover absent instructors.
  • Maintain a good business relationships with the press, talents agents and ballet production companies


  • Recognized by the London Herald as one of the best in the Swan Lake Production of the Leeds Theater in the 2008 season.
  • Portfolio of videotaped ballet sequences on stage available on request during the interview



Excellent stage presence and mastery of ballet techniques and fusion interpretative jazz dance forms


2001 – 2003: National Diploma in Professional Dance, Upper School (Convent Garden, London), Royal Ballet School


To be furnished upon request