Banking Business Analyst CV

A banking business analyst is fully in charge of analyzing the flaws and problems of various companies which are clients of the bank he or she is working with. The person suited for this position should be capable of looking and providing the best solutions to such problems in order for the client’s companies to survive despite having to deal with some flaws.


Banking Business Analyst CV Template

Christopher Jones

24 Manfield Av,

Oak Street 00397


Tel: (405) 524-9999




Seeking to apply for a job in banking industry where I will have the opportunity to work as Business analyst.

I am also looking for a company that gives me the chance to maximize my banking skills and expertise.

Summary of Qualifications


  • Bachelors Degree in Business Management
  • Expertise in financial and strategic planning
  • In-depth knowledge in P&L management
  • Superb exCellence in budget management and auditing
  • High proficiency in dealing with cash flow management and modeling
  • Vast knowledge pertinent to human relations
  • Ability to deal with people from different strata of society
  • Sound business sense and very keen with integrity
  • Good conversationalist and analytical skills


1999 – 2002

Bachelors Degree in Business Management, London Metropolitan University


Career Experience/Job History

2009- Present

Business analyst

Jaiter Consultancy

2002- 2008

Business Development Manager

Wetoday Outsourcing agency.


  • Commendations from business professionals for exCellent performance in dealing with different problems that the bank’s clients encountered.

Professional references upon request