Banquet and Conferences Host CV

A Banquet and Conferences host is expected to set up banquet and conference related gatherings at the given hotel. They are expected to work with the initiating party to achieve the desired results. They need to look after the seating arrangements, food, beverages and snacks, and the general well-being of guests.

A Banquet and Conferences Host is similar to a regular Host or Hostess, except for the fact that they work exclusively for special assignments.

Sample Banquet and Conferences

Host CV Template

Alec Guiness

Tattoo Road,


New York

Mobile No: +46 349345605

Telephone No: +34 3949 650

Career Objective: To use my hospitality skills to further the profits of both hotels and myself.

Professional Experience:

Shangri-La Hotel, New York City, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Banquet and Conferences Host as well as a general Host when my special services are not required. I work with guests on a daily basis, entertaining them, arranging seats for them, suggesting food items etc.

Banquet and Conferences Host Objectives:

  • To prepare seating arrangements for the expected number of guests
  • To prepare a suitable menu for the kind of expected guests
  • To escort the guests through the banquet and conference room
  • To serve them with snacks and beverages on a regular basis
  • To adjust according to complaints


2002-2004: Masters of Hotel Management and Hospitality


A special conference that I hosted was featured in the prestigious daily “Brooklyn Bugle” for its exemplary presentation.


  • Collecting suits
  • Making soup


“Upon request”