Bartender CV

A Bartender is expected to have a thorough understanding and profound knowledge of all kinds of drinks, specifically alcoholic drinks. They are expected to know the preparation of a number of drinks, including cocktails, pegs and so on, depending on the size and nature of the bar. Also depending on the size of the staff, bartenders may be required to clean glasses, maintain inventory and so on.

A Bartender’s post would generally require a good CV, especially for places that deal with cocktails and such.

Sample Bartender CV Template

Jake La Motta

Bigger Avenue, 78#

Carson City


Mobile No: +65 434 023093

Telephone No: +743 9839 8273

Career Objective: To use my expertise in mixing drinks to serve customers as a bartender.

Professional Experience:

Joey’s Bar, 2005-2007: started part-time work as Bartender (night-shift) and then shifted to full time duties. My jobs included keeping an inventory of stocks, cleaning glasses, serving snacks with drinks, mixing drinks and so on.

Bob Bar, 2007-2010: worked full-time as Bartender, handling all aspects of the job nearly single-handedly, as the staff tended to be bare bones.

Bartender Objectives:

  • To serve drinks with etiquette and manners
  • To follow alcohol responsibility
  • To mix drinks effectively
  • To keep the bar area clean and orderly
  • To clean glasses and other cutlery items
  • To serve snacks along with drinks
  • To accept and process payments
  • To take orders with correct priority


SVQ in Food and Drink Service


I was featured in a local newsletter for my good work as a cocktail mixer .


  • Following the National Geographic
  • Interior Decoration


“Upon request”