Best Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are unaware of the questions that you might be asked. In order to make life simpler, following are some of the best interview questions, which are most definitely asked in almost all interviews.

The first question that is a common favourite amongst interviewers is asking the interviewee to tell something about himself or herself. It is important to concentrate on your qualifications and work experience and be as precise as possible while answering this question. You could also state your achievements upfront, thereby setting the direction for your interview.

Second most commonly asked question is regarding the reason for applying for this job as well as that for leaving the existing one. Thirdly, you may be asked to state one experience or achievement that you hold special and the reason for the same.

Questions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewee are again important interview questions and should be answered with care. it is often seen that people tend to state their positive aspects as their weaknesses, which unfortunately does not impress the interviewers any longer. Instead, it is important to state your weakness as it is and show the interviewer the steps you have taken to overcome your weakness. However, ensure that you do not state a weakness that is an essential strength for the present job. Other questions are regarding whether you have demonstrated leadership qualities or have handled a problem related to discipline etc.

Interview questions also include those that you can ask the interviewer. Always be prepared with a set of intelligent questions like what is the best part about working in this organisation. Secondly, you could also ask the interviewer as to what he or she thinks is the ideal candidate and where you may or may not qualify for the same, solely based on the answers given during the interview. Finally, it is important to ask about when you can expect to get a final answer from them. Lastly, always thank the interviewers for their time and effort before leaving.