Biochemical Engineering CV

Biochemical Engineering combines the disciplines of biology and chemistry in an effort to use the resulting products as natural augmenters or suppressors of materials. The implications of Biochemical Engineering are vast and affect everyone from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry to the water treatment industry. Biochemical Engineers spend as much time doing research work as they do holding test tubes and microscopes.

The field is fast becoming a sought after field. Biochemical Engineers may also become Chemical or Biomedical Engineers.

Sample Biochemical Engineering CV Template

Anne Lewis

Mud Road

South Portland


Mobile No: +8972 98127398

Telephone No: +87 3984759 8

Career Objective: To utilize the two fields of chemistry and biology to engineer natural solutions for problems.

Professional Experience:

Med BioChem Labs: 2004-Present: currently employed as a Biochemical Engineer, working on devising new ways of cleaning contaminated water systems, through the use of natural bacteria, augmented with certain chemical compounds.

Biochemical Engineering Objectives:

  • To use the benefits of both disciplines to find solutions to problems
  • To do thorough background research before jumping to conclusions
  • To provide detailed write-ups explaining the process exactly
  • To act responsibly and not launch a product before thorough examination
  • To follow science protocol at all times


2001-2004: Bsc in Biochemistry, South Portland University


The work of my team has made to the WHO’s annual list of projects to watch out for.


  • Organizing parties
  • Devising children’s games


“Upon request”