Biological Engineering CV

Biological Engineering is a supremely interesting field. Biological Engineers, or simply Bioengineers, combine the living organisms of biology with the cold principles of engineering to produce products that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, medical diagnosis, cellular research, cancer therapy and so on.

Bioengineering as a field has really taken a life of its own. Candidates are advised to have a strong CV before proceeding, plus the correct qualifications. Bioengineers may also go into Chemical and Biochemical engineering.

Sample Biological Engineering CV Template

Rafael Cheyenne

Split Road



Mobile No: +3345 3249

Telephone No: +3293 4945947

Career Objective: To use my knowledge and expertise of the field of biology and engineering to further the understanding of the functioning of living organisms.

Professional Experience:

Aspire Biological Labs, 2006-Present: working on a number of interesting Bioengineering projects. Our team is basically concerned with finding effective ways of manipulating white blood cells in the body so that they may be used to combat a number of diseases.

Biological Engineering Objectives:

  • To combine the principles of engineering and the science of biology to produce an effective mixture
  • To further the understanding of living organisms through this application
  • To better understand engineering’s limitations and capabilities
  • To discover new methods of diagnosis and treatment


2000-2004: Bsc in Engineering

2004-2006: Msc in Biological Engineering


Our research has been featured on the National Geographic Magazine in the year 2009.


  • Marker Illustrations
  • Clothes Dying


“Upon request”