Biology University College Instructor CV

Biology teachers are those professional who have vast knowledge in the field of medical science, health, environment and drugs. Biology teacher CV template can be helpful for job placement in medical colleges, nursing college and medical universities and pharmacy related industries for research and development.

Biology University College Instructor CV Template

Alexia Jones

23, Oak Street,

Durbin 03968

United Kingdom

005 – 453 – 9641 – 22

alexia@yourmail. com

Objective: Looking for position where I can use my knowledge in best possible way for the betterment of the environment and to secure a position in medical and life science field


  • Analytical and technical skills in developmental biology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, genetics, and in vivo animal studies
  • Self motivated, hard working, quick learner and a good team player
  • Expert in Human Anatomy & Physiology and In-depth knowledge of clinical and teaching.


2008 – 2010

Durbin University, Durbin


Responsible for teaching Cell biology, Animal studies, DNA expression library screening, vector construction etc.

Responsible for teaching bioinformatics and biomedical skills using software and web services such as computer analysis of gene sequence, genome mapping and mining.


Dundee University, Dundee

  • Professor at department of anatomy and Life sciences
  • Presented the latest trends and discoveries in medical and health researches and studies.
  • Taught Human Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Responsible for teaching Molecular biology, DNA expression, mutagenesis, bacterial culture and yeast transformation


1999 – 2002

Bachelor of Life sciences

University of Durbin, Durbin


Master of Developmental Biology

University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen


  • Presented various paper presentation of Cell biology in many universities.
  • Attended seminar on molecular biology and DNA expression at New York University.

Professional reference

Available on request