Biomedical Engineer CV

A Biomedical Engineer uses his or her expertise of biology, mechanics, technology and medicine to create medical equipment. This may include artificial organs and prosthetic limbs and replacements. They are also expected to make old equipment function better through tinkering. Automatic wheelchairs are prime example of a Biomedical Engineer’s work.

The field of very competitive, therefore a good CV is a must. Biomedical Engineers may also become Chemical Engineers, Medical Engineers or Nuclear Engineers in the future.

Sample Biomedical Engineer CV Template

Harry Kimble

Plus Sign

San Jose


Mobile No: +87 9879837 9

Telephone No: +9873 9837

Career Objective: To use my expertise in the complex fields of medicine and engineering to create equipment and products that may come in use of the needy.

Professional Experience:

Concern Biomechanics, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Biomedical Engineer researching a new kind of prosthetic limb that will be able to detect neuron signals. The work is in the advance stages and an assembly line is expected to begin soon.

Biomedical Engineer Objectives:

  • To develop products to aid patients in need
  • To tinker with old products and equipment to make them better
  • To use knowledge of biology and engineering to create unique solutions
  • To research new trends around the world


2002-2006: Bsc in Biomedical Studies, University of Southern California


My designs for a new, more efficient ultrasound machine has been passed by the national medical board and is awaiting grants.


  • Studying physics
  • Travelling


“Upon request”